Do you believe that? Do you believe that you are God’s temple? This is hard to believe, and even more so when we don’t feel Him inside us. But how are you treating your temple? Is it filled with loud noises and violent images? Is it a spacious place of peace and rest or so full of boxes and old furniture that there is no place for God to live? Maybe it’s time to clean house. Perhaps it’s time to put some things at the curb, open up the windows, and let the fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit fill you. And how do you do that? Quiet your world, take time to rest, imagine that Jesus is walking with you every moment of the day. Would you sit with Jesus and watch certain movies or read certain books? Is He with you in every conversation that you’re having? Make time each day to be in His Word, and listen for His voice. Before you know it, your house will be in order, and you will feel His presence in all that you do.

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