Fall is my favorite time of year. It’s not just because it’s sweater weather or how the orange, yellow, red, and brown radiate in the sunlight. It’s the process of how those leaves turn. It’s another reminder of how God views seasons, transitions, and our lives. You see, “as the days get shorter, the tree does not have enough sunlight to make food for itself. Rather than struggle to make food through the winter, it shuts down. It stops producing chlorophyll and allows its fall leaves to die. When the tree stops producing chlorophyll, the green color leaves the foliage, and you are left with the ‘true color’ of the leaves.” (Heather Rhoades)
This beautiful transition reminds me of us. As our time here on earth gets shorter and shorter, as our bodies age and eventually waste away, we are coming closer to our true selves – not shackled with sin, disease, and these human forms. One day we will live as God originally designed: a life of no pain, sorrow, or death – only joy, peace, and love. A life with Him. Only God would paint the earth this magnificently, with the promise of what is yet to come!

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