Sometimes it’s hard to be in the moment. I think that’s because most of the time, we’re waiting for something. We are waiting for tomorrow because we have lunch plans with a friend. Tomorrow will be better because it’s not supposed to rain, it’s the weekend, it’s payday, or this week will be over. Tomorrow has to be better than today because today was tough.If we move through life this way, anxious and waiting for tomorrow, we will miss all of our “today’s.” We will miss the lessons we’re supposed to learn, the people we’re supposed to meet, and the gifts God wants to give us. If we miss today, we miss the blessing of rain, the joys of the weekdays, and the lessons in the hardships.When we read Psalm 118:24, we are reminded that “this is the day that the LORD has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it.”Today, be thankful for today! Rejoice in the fact that today is a gift, and while tomorrow is unknown, it will come soon enough.

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