Have you ever put God in a box? I know I have. And when He’s in the box, it’s so easy to live life how we want to until things get challenging, and then we pull that box out and say, “God, I need you!” Our relationship with Him is built out of convenience. And until things get critical, the box just sits on the shelf.

But God is so much bigger than that! And His desire for us is to be in a relationship with us. He wants our good moments and our bad, our struggles and our joys. He wants all of us, all the time – not just when we’ve run out of options and last resorts.

Boxes are for Christmas ornaments, old photographs, and things we need to store away. Our God is a BIG God and cannot be contained. Today, open up your heart and mind and let Him rush in. If you let Him, He will change your entire world!

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