On the day of my healing, it was a day of remembering and repentance. I went back to my earliest childhood memory when someone had hurt me. I remembered my parent’s divorce and the painful memories of their fractured marriage. We prayed over the rejection I still felt and to forgive all involved. Each step I took, Jesus would step with me, and when I turned to face another memory or another sin I had buried, He would turn and face me and forgive.
We moved on to my past relationships and my failed marriage. Jesus grabbed my hand at the what-ifs and should-haves, and we turned again. We prayed over the people I had hurt, the anger and bitterness I carried, and the unforgiveness in my heart. As the two women prayed over me and watched the Holy Spirit work, tearing down the walls that I had spent my whole life building, they said it looked like the Holy Spirit, and I were dancing. My heart was overwhelmed by that image. Picturing the God of the Universe dancing with me took my breath away, and I fell even more in love with Him than ever before.
Let me encourage you today that no matter what’s in your past – Jesus heals, forgives, and will set you free. He will turn your sorrow into dancing and fill your life with joy! I am living proof…

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