On a scale of 1–10, with one being the lowest and ten the highest, how would you rate how you feel about yourself? Now answer honestly. For me, most days, I’m above a 5. But there were years I circled the drain around a one or a two and felt it would have been better if I’d never been born. Where did that self-loathing come from? At the time, I thought it came from my mental illness, failing marriage, and years of making wrong choices.

But honestly, the enemy camped on my doorstep during those years, and I believed every negative thing he threw my way. When I was healed in 2013, I was not only healed physically, but the scales fell from my eyes, and I could recognize the torrent of lies the devil tells us every day. I would have to start battling for truth.

So, what is your number? What are you going through right now that makes you feel the way you do? The only reason my number is above 5 today is that I know God loves me. I know that I am nothing without Him. I know that no matter what the world says about me, what my scale says about me, what the mirror says about me, what the enemy whispers to me, I am the daughter of the Most High King. And no matter what I think my number is, God sees me as a 10! And it’s the same for you! Amen!

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