Not many people have ever seen a real iceberg. Maybe you’ve seen ice and frozen waves across smaller lakes and Lake Michigan, but not the ice that floats in the Arctic Ocean or the North Atlantic. Those icebergs range from 3 to 200 feet above sea level and can weigh 110,000 to 220,000 tons.
What’s astonishing about an iceberg is that it’s hard to see how massive it can be when so much of the actual ice can be below the surface. Another fascinating fact is that as an iceberg melts, gravity will continually pull the most massive part downward, causing the iceberg to flip. This “flipping” can happen without warning, and when they do, it can give off as much energy as an atomic bomb. The sheer force can produce earthquakes.
So, as we think about icebergs, have you ever considered that we could be like them? Sometimes we can be moving through life and experiencing all of these problems and complicated situations, and we can’t see each other’s struggles because they are below the surface. We push things down deep inside, hiding our hurt from the people around us until we “flip”; causing a bomb to go off in our lives, affecting those around us.
Icebergs are beautiful, amazing structures of ice, but they’ve caused sinking ships and dangerous travel for the maritime community. But they bring up an important question: what’s below the surface?
We need to ask ourselves; are we sharing our feelings and situations with those we love to help one another navigate the waters of life? And are we walking with Jesus, allowing His peace and love to work and move in all things? Let’s be committed to communicating with one another in a safe and non-judging atmosphere, making room for God to rush in and work in our hearts and lives. Amen
“Deep Roots”
Ammie Bouwman

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