When we get to this time of year and talk about exchanging gifts and receiving presents, I’m reminded of many Christmases ago when I was a child. My Mom would encourage us to make room and let go of the old broken toys we were holding onto. It didn’t necessarily mean they would be replaced, but the act of making room stuck with me, and I still think about that today. So when I think about receiving the gift of Jesus this year and everything He wants to give us, I ask myself, how do we make room? Before we can receive, we have to let go of whatever we’re holding onto in our hands. Maybe that’s pride; perhaps that’s a misconception about God we’ve been carrying for far too long. Maybe it’s unforgiveness towards a person or a situation. Whatever it is, it’s stopping us from fully receiving the gift of Immanuel: God with us. Let’s get ready by opening up our hands, surrendering the brokenness we are holding onto, and making room for Jesus. Isn’t it time to let it go?

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