When I first read Mark 5:1-20, I asked, “Why did Jesus cross the lake in the first place?” But the answer was simple – He traveled to help one man. A man who was possessed and so out of control that those around him tried to chain him. But even chains couldn’t hold him. When I think of this story, I put myself in this man’s sandals. I was so lost and confused, believing every lie from the enemy, and so hopeless that I wanted to take my own life. And even while Jesus was on His way, the enemy was trying to block Him from coming. He caused a storm, and the boat rocked, and the wind blew. But Jesus rebuked the wind and calmed the seas. He crossed the lake anyway. And He didn’t come to save thousands; He came to save just me, and He’s come to save you.

Today, are you still struggling with how God can love you despite your past brokenness and sin? Read Mark 5:1-20 and believe how much He loves you and that He would cross the lake, just for you, every single time. ❤️

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