It is a feeling, a perception, brought on by something that was done, perhaps done to you. It starts as a voice in your head saying, “I am bad and wrong,” and before you know, it becomes its own identity, swallowing yours. It’s like a coat you can never take off, a weight you can’t unload until everything in life is tainted; all you feel is shame, bitterness, and regret, and it would be so much easier just to disappear.I wore this coat for many years. My mental illness defined who I was, and I hated myself. And I believed every lie from the enemy. He had come to steal, kill and destroy and was doing just that.How did I break free? How did I let go of my shame? I surrendered it all to Jesus. He was standing in front of me, holding out His hands – hands that had been nailed to a cross, and He said, “This is why I came. I carried it all; sin, shame, regret, bitterness, hatred, and fear. It is finished; there is nothing left to carry. Give it to me. Let it go.”I would encourage you today that if you’re carrying shame, it’s time to give it to Jesus. Don’t allow the enemy to steal one more day. Jesus is waiting to take your guilt and shame and provide you with peace, joy, and unconditional love. It’s time to let it go.

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