I have this app on my phone that I use to put together the Sunday services. The first 89% loads relatively quickly, but it’s the last 11% that takes the most time. And as I sit there, waiting, I wonder if it’s the same for us. We typically don’t have a problem giving ourselves to the Lord, but the question is, what percentage are we giving Him? The first 90% is usually the easiest, but what about the things we want to hold onto? Those last pieces of ourselves that we say, “no, you can’t have that, Lord. I really need to hang onto that a little longer.” But what we don’t realize is that the last 10% is what He needs from us the most. Those final things that if we were to let go and let God, it’s the difference between living a life and living life to its fullest – stepping into everything He has for us, ready to receive with open hands and heart. So my question for you today is what percentage are you giving God? Maybe it’s time to let go of that final 10%. He’s waiting for you…

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