Statistics say that over 20 million people (in the United States alone) suffer from drug and alcohol abuse issues. Perry Stone, international evangelist and author of “There’s a Crack in Your Armor,” has spoken to literally hundreds of men and women who have battled addictions and are now free. He writes: “When asking them why they turned to drugs and alcohol, about nine out of ten gave the same answer. They replied, ‘I did it to dull the pain and the hurts I was feeling in my life.’ After hearing this response over and over for many years, I then saw another aspect of Satan’s strategy. By keeping a person high or drunk, the enemy is also dulling them to the point where they cannot feel the joy and peace that comes from the presence of God.”
If this is you, battling an addiction right now – there is hope! Find an accountability group and attend meetings. But also recognize the battle, and who it is you are fighting. Today, admit to the Lord what you’re addicted to, and tell Him you need His help.

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