Because of Jesus, we can take dominion in our homes. Our home can be a sanctuary for God’s presence. A place of peace for you and your family. What would it look like to have the world fall away as you walked through the door and live in the constant peace of God?

Because of Jesus, we can have victory over sin. We don’t have to live with our past mistakes and regret. We don’t have to keep recycling the lies from the enemy and wearing the labels given to us by the broken people we have encountered.

Because of Jesus, we can have victory over disease. Today is the day that you say, “I will not receive one more thing from the enemy. In Christ, I am a new creation. I walk in divine health. I cast every illness, every diagnosis to the feet of Jesus and claim His truth. By His stripes, I am healed.

Because of Jesus, we can live victorious, triumphant lives in Him. And it begins today.

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