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Prayer Wall

When I was in Jerusalem, I visited the Wailing Wall, and left rolled up prayers in the cracks where I was standing. That wall is a beautiful image of what it looks like to constantly send up prayers to our Father in Heaven. Use this wall to leave prayers or praise as we live in community and do this life together.

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Finances. If the Lord is willing I would like to meet the right man and marry. Thank you and God bless.


Finances I would like a husband. Thank you. Praying for everyone here.

David & Esther

Pray for Christians in NigeriaPray for David Segun's family for more faith & strenght to carry on

B. J. Jones

My cousin Sandra has Myelofibrosis which is bone cancer and must have blood transfusion's the rest of her life. At some point the blood will stop working. It's a death sentence BUT GOD


Our 12 year old great niece committed suicide last week.

Chaplain Dr Sylvester Malachi Rogers

Pray for truthfulness in both my national and international ministries. Prayer for provisions, strength, grace,annointing,blessings,breakthrough,success and longlife as I do ministry. I give Him Glory and Thanks.


Bipolar disorder always seems like sy war with my thoughts i kust eant peace in my my mind.

Debra Tate

I have two grown grandsons that have so much anger please pray for them Josh and Cody


Prayers needed for Jan who is back in the hospital with a fever.


Praying that everyone's power will stay on and that their furnaces will continue to work during this winter storm!


pray for Amy as she recovers from surgery.


Praying that God will heal those in need


Pray for my sister. She has been diagnosed with Stage 3 Colon Cancer.


Please be praying for my niece Maryanne. She is having a hip replacement due to bone deterioration from cancer.


Praying for Central Mexico


Praying for Holly!


Thank you for all you do!


Hoping that your grace continues to encourage your people.


Thank you Lord for all of the prayers and love I received after my stroke.


Please heal me Lord


Praising you for this Christmas season