John 8:7

These words can cut right to our souls - just like they did to the crowd that Jesus spoke them to. So many times, we get caught up in our righteous judgment and anger and forget. We forget that none of us is without sin. We forget the plank in our eye and are quick to...

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The Mirror

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Maybe it's a failure as a husband or wife or student in school. Perhaps you see someone who has been let down time and time again by people you trusted. Maybe you see someone out of work and out of time, or you no longer...

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There have been times in my life I have tried to prove to others that I am worthy of their love. This "proving" has been at the cost of working long hours, hiding behind a mask of perfection, and pretending to be something I'm not. But what has taken a lifetime, I...

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With or Without?

Without Jesus, we are nothing. A bag of bones and a pile of dust. But with His love, we are a beautiful rose, full of promise and possibility. With Him we can walk in confidence. We can speak with His clarity and know His truth. He transforms us and shapes us into His...

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It’s Time!

Don't be surprised when you start thinking and praying that it's time to make a change, that the enemy will be right at your heels, reminding you of your past and whispering discouragement and lies. You may start to feel unsteady, unsure that you have the strength to...

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Mark 4:35-41

When we read Mark 4:35-41, Jesus tells the disciples, "Let us go over to the other side." So they got into the boat, and Jesus fell asleep. When the storm came up, the wind blew, and the waves broke over the boat; the disciples were afraid and woke Jesus saying,...

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There was a time when I stood before the mirror in the bathroom, with pills in the palm of my hand, and had no hope. I had hoped in myself but failed daily because I could not overcome my mental illness. I had hoped in my husband, but he wasn't happy and couldn't lift...

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What Are You Facing?

What are you facing today? Does it feel like a death sentence with no way out? Let me remind you our God is bigger than any situation we could ever meet. He is bigger than covid, stronger than cancer, more powerful than any obstacle or challenge! His Word tells us...

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What Do Our Bibles Look Like?

Charles Spurgeon wrote these words. He was a Baptist preacher who died in 1892. These words can strike our hearts and make us ask today, "What do OUR Bibles look like?" If God's Word is our GPS while living in this broken world, if this is where we need to turn for...

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