Finding Joy Again – Virtual Conference

It’s finally here! I’m so excited to share with you that The Finding Joy Again – Virtual Conference is now available to purchase! It’s perfect for small groups, bible studies, and church events!
As you watch, it will feel like a LIVE experience. We not only have a band that will lead you in worship but an MC and two amazing speakers who will share their journeys on how they found their joy again. I will be teaching four sessions, helping you rebuild your foundation, how to put on the full armor of God, replace the lies we believe with God’s Word, and reclaim your joy! Choose the package that works best for you: individual study or for a group. I pray it will be a blessing!

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I virtually attended the ‘Finding Joy Conference’. It was well organized and the worship was amazing! Overall, it was a true blessing to hear the testimony of several wonderful women with so much love for our Almighty Father. I could empathize with each story as I too strayed away from God especially when life threw me in uncomfortable directions. These ladies shared raw, bittersweet feelings of life experiences. It touched my heart so deeply with tears of sorrow, but also tears of JOY because I am a child of God and He loves me even when I falter. Ammie Bouwman is an extraordinary leader, author, and beautiful soul. I hope her testimony and teachings touch each of you in a special life changing way as it did for me. Praise God! – Lola


I was very blessed to be able to experience the ‘Finding Joy Again Conference.’ In a time of upheaval, both globally and personally, this conference gave me hope, joy and brought me closer to the Lord. It provided real testimonies and tools to maneuver life in a Godly wat to move forward in finding joy. I highly recomment this conference. Thank you to all of the people involved, using God’s gift to bring this event to life. – Sue


I would highly recommend purchasing the ‘Finding Joy Again conference.’ I invited the women who attend Bible study with me to join together on November 9 when it was originally launched live. We had 10 women and bought the bundle so that we could have some “swag” to give away as prizes and we watched it together as a group. Those of you who are familiar with the If Gathering, I would say our experience was very similar. We had a wonderful day…listening to the speakers, singing, and enjoying lunch together. It was just what we all needed at that point in time! The worship was uplifting and the speakers spoke to different women in different ways but I know that we were all encouraged by the testimonies and the scriptures that were shared. The principles of spiritual warfare and examining the lies of Satan in our hearts and minds was challenging and as a group we have continued to challenge each other to ‘put on the armor of God.’ At our weekly Bible study we try to remember to put on the armor together as we read Ephesians 6 out loud together. Now, when I see the word ‘JOY’, I’m often reminded of the ‘Finding Joy Again’ event and the special time we had growing together. – Wendi

The Joy Conference was life changing for me after the loss of my husband. Ammie and her team will give you the tools you need to finding joy in your daily struggles. – Karen

Twelve of us gathered in a friends living room…ages 14-65. The old and young women were inspired to follow and seek the Lord through hardship and how that translates into unspeakable joy! Thank you all for stepping out in faith! I loved that we could do the conference at a persons home! So fun and also a spiritual marker for my girls – we prayed over them and one has never had hands laid on them with prayer before ( a friend of my daughters). Thanks for having vision for this! – Beth

In regards to the Finding Joy Again ~ Truth Tour, I have to tell you our experience!  I say our experience because we held a mini conference at a friends house for 12 ladies. Each lady arrived, registered and received a gift packet along with their name tags. We served coffee and danishes to them, prayed and began the conference. Later we broke and served a quick lunch. We spent time in between speakers discussing thoughts and take aways.  Each one of these ladies and we had 3 younger ladies as well, had something to contribute. There were moments that we prayed over certain ones because of their own struggles. Seeing our friend Lucie share her heart with us and hearing all of her stories were just the icing on the cake!  We had a lady who had left our group that came and her life was changed and she is now attending church again with us. That is a God miracle! Another lady broke down and cried and opened up to us about where she was in her walk with God. It was an amazing day and everyone took such sweet nuggets away with them. Thank you for allowing God to speak to you and create this conference. We as women need to tell our stories to impact others who may be struggling as well. “They will be saved by our testimony”.
May God bless your future events. We are praying for you and your team! – Theressa


I attended the ‘Finding Joy Again’ conference this past November and wanted to share how much it blessed me.  I had the pleasure of having my 19 year old granddaughter join me in the comfort of my living room.  She struggles with anxiety and depression and I was praying that it would speak to her.  And by the grace of God, I believe that it did. During the conference, we experienced uplifting worship and great, inspiring speakers.  Susie, Ammie and Beth all did a phenomenal job speaking the word into us. These are some of the themes that spoke to me:  putting on the full armor of God, rebuking the lies of the enemy, and being reminded who we are in Christ.  I often remind myself that I am a daughter of the most High King. We appreciated all the speakers speaking God’s truth over us.  I would highly recommend this conference!  Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to His people. – Claire


In November, I was able to spend the day in the presence of my Lord in worship. What a joyous experience of worship, testimonies, music and prayer. I have never done a virtual conference, and I do not have a TV or computer or Wi-Fi, but was easily able to watch right on my phone. I felt joined by many others and it was truly the next best thing to being in a packed House of followers of Jesus Christ. The testimonies of life changing experiences we all encounter in this life were uplifting, helpful, and reassuring that God meets us right where we are. I encourage any and all to step into this time of worship and fellowship, shared right in your home, alone, with family or friends, or in small gatherings at your home church. God is working and moving! Thank you Jesus! ~ Lu Ann


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