The Truth Workbook Series presents: Letting go of Fear


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How many times have you started a sentence, “I’m afraid…?” You can end that sentence with anything – “there won’t be enough money,” “that I’m going to get sick,” “of what’s happening,” “that he/she doesn’t love me anymore,” “that I’ll never measure up.” Those words “I’m afraid” sneak their way into our conversations, and before we know it, fear becomes a part of our life. It dictates our decisions, stops us from fully believing who we are in Christ, and derails us from stepping into the peace that God promises us in His Word. Is this you? Have you been journeying with fear?

If so, then this book is for you! In this 30-day step study, we’ll step out of the daily trappings we feel and into the complete freedom we can have when we step with Jesus! Each day you will address the fears, renew your mind, and record your journey. It’s perfect for personal study and small group settings. Are you ready? Let’s let go of fear!


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