The Truth Workbook Series presents: Letting go of Fear

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Today, no matter where you turn, there is something you could be afraid of. The news is filled with bombings, shootings, bad weather, political unrest, COVID-19, and the list goes on. And then there are all the unknowns; financial, health, family, and our future. So how do we live without fear? How do we focus on what’s true and not what may be lurking around the corner or under our bed? If you are ready to let go of fear, then this book is for you. In this 30-day step study, we’ll step out of the daily trappings we feel and into the complete freedom that we can have when we step with Jesus! Each day you will renew your mind, replace the lies, and record your journey. It’s perfect for personal study and small group settings. Are you ready? Let’s let go of fear!

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Release Date: March 15, 2021

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