Our world looks at brokenness as a weakness. If something is broken, it no longer has value and can be thrown out. But God looks at brokenness as an opportunity. When we let down our pride and independence and admit that we are broken and nothing without God, we can make room for God to rush in and resculpt us. We become a new creation. We become His original design and how He intended us to be.
The day I stood in my kitchen and cried out to the Lord, “Lord, I give up. I’ll do whatever you ask. But I can’t do this on my own anymore,” I was admitting that I was broken. But to truly be what God had created me to be, I understood I would need to be resculpted. I had so much stuck to me, so many things I had added that I thought were important, and so many cracks and holes that needed to be repaired. I would need to be remade. However, this felt less like a pottery class and more like God picking me up, shaking off all of those things that were sticking to me and filling me with Himself. The process was painful…and necessary. But God knew exactly what He was doing.
If you’re ready to let go of your brokenness, cry out to the Lord. Lift your hands and let go…and let God. And get ready for something amazing! He wants to do a new thing in you. And only He can!


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