I used to love it when everything was smooth sailing in my old life. I loved when there were no problems and nothing I could see coming down the path that would interfere with my present happiness. But I’ve discovered, as I become more mature in Christ, that when I lean into the uncomfortable and challenging times and count it all joy, that is when I learn to become more like Jesus.
Typically, something in the struggle makes me think or question, something that challenges my way of thinking. And when I embrace that and open my heart to the teaching, I walk away with a different perspective and an understanding of how Jesus wants me to live.How about you? Are you able to find the blessing, even in the challenging times? Especially in this difficult world? Are you able to consider it all joy even in the trials?
We all have tests in our life. But, ultimately, we are defined not by the things that will eventually come our way but by how we walk through those situations and come out the other side. Let us never forget that Jesus, too, walked a road that ended at a cross, but He overcame so that we might have forgiveness of sins and everlasting life.

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