Anthon St. Maarten couldn’t have described my twenties any better than when he wrote this: “In these out-of-control moments, we bulldoze through the best possible outcome for our lives, only to return to the scene of the crime later to cry over spilled milk.” In those years, I was quite familiar with a bulldozer. When you want something, you just climb on – ignoring the roar of the load engine and the earth-shaking beneath you. You think you are moving forward, regardless of the warning signs, ignoring the Holy Spirit’s voice inside of you, but when you shut off the engine and get down, you’ve leveled everything. This is what happens when you operate in the “flesh.”
I want to encourage you today that if you are using heavy equipment to make things happen in your life, those things won’t last. God has a purpose and a plan for your life and will guide you forward; with love and a gentle voice, building a foundation that will last forever. Trust in His promises!

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