Most of us don’t drive around aimlessly. We often use landmarks, a GPS, or map out our journeys for the most direct route. We like to know where we’re going and don’t want to use our resources like gas and time unnecessarily. It’s the same in real life. It’s not our goal to walk around in a state of disorientation and confusion, second-guessing our path and questioning every single step we take.
But often, our life feels less like a car ride and more like we’ve been dropped into the ocean. We are tossed to and fro with each swell, clamoring for air and trying to regain our position. And when we think we can see land, another wave hits us, and we are washed off course. We try and swim and become weak, discouraged, and eventually, give up on our own strength.We say to ourselves, “How did I get here?” and can’t believe how far off course we are. We succumb to the new route and say, “well, I guess this was God’s will,” or we even question there is a God and blame Him for His blatant lack of interest in our lives.
If you were to take a moment and evaluate your current longitude and latitude, how far off course are you? Do you feel disconnected from God and that He has somehow been watching you float in a sea of depression, anxiety, and hopelessness and hasn’t even cared?
Part of getting back on course is understanding where you are. I don’t know how many times my husband and I have been out driving, took some wrong turns, and had to stop to get out the map. I won’t tell you who encouraged him to do that, lol, but I will say that we had to figure out what town we were in, what road we were traveling, what direction we were going so we could get our bearings, change course, and get back home.
It’s the same in our journey of life. Yes, maybe you’ve taken some wrong roads. Perhaps you’ve lost your way. Maybe some detours weren’t even your fault. But it’s time to stop the car, find out where you are, and get back on the road that leads to home – God! He’s waiting for you to step in to everything that He has planned for you. Are you ready? 

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