When you read John 21:1-19, you read that Jesus meets Peter and the other disciples by the Sea of Galilee. But the first question you have is why are they out fishing, and why is Jesus waiting for them onshore?

And to know that, we have to go back. Back to the crucifixion and Peter’s denial, back to the three crows of the rooster and Peter’s betrayal, back to the uncomfortable and the sin.

You see, we always go back to what we knew in the past when we feel we’ve let God down. Peter goes back to fishing after he betrayed Jesus because fishing is where he’s comfortable; that’s where everything makes sense. And what I love about Jesus is that’s where He meets him. Jesus goes to the Sea, builds a fire, and waits for Peter, just like He does for us.

Today, do you feel you’ve let God down? Have you traveled back to your “comfortable?” Take this opportunity to allow Jesus to meet you right where you are. Trust Him when He says, “I love you, forgive you, now let’s try this again.”

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