The Truth Workbook Series presents: The Hidden Door – Opening Your Prayer Life with God’s Word


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For years I struggled with prayer. Prayer was more of something that stood between me and that first bite of macaroni and cheese or something that would ward off any monsters in my closet. It was something that would protect me in the night in case I died suddenly, never waking up again. It was less about having a conversation with God and more about a checklist. “Yes, Mom, I said my prayers.” But at 51 years old, I found the hidden door. Maybe like me, you’ve had misconceptions your whole life about prayer. Perhaps you’ve always wanted a more intimate, active prayer life but didn’t know how.

Throughout this book, we will unpack what the Bible says about prayer. We will understand our misconceptions and renew our minds with God’s Word to have a living, thriving, active prayer life for ourselves and those we are praying for. Are you ready to find the door you’ve been walking by your whole life? It’s time to see it, grab the handle, and walk right in.

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