The Lost Mitten


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I’m so excited to announce that my latest book, “The Lost Mitten,” is now available! This is my twelfth self-publication and fourth children’s book – and this one might be my favorite yet! What I love about this project is the collaboration of three generations. My Mom, Lu May, did all of the illustrations, and my Grandmother, who just turned 90 is making the first few batches of red mittens. While this book is available on Amazon, you can only get it with a red mitten by ordering here or purchasing it from your favorite local bookstore.
The story- based out of Frankfort, on the shores of Lake Michigan, is about Maggie, who loses one of her favorite red mittens her Grandmother had knitted for her. Maggie’s Grandmother has passed away, so losing something so precious is heartbreaking for Maggie. But with help from her Mom, she hears the story of the lost sheep and understands that she wants to find her mitten as desperately as Jesus wants to find those who are lost. Maggie’s adventure is full of losing and finding, remembering those we’ve loved and lost along the way, and the One who will never stop searching for us – Jesus.

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