I think over the years, I’ve had trouble with receiving. For me, I have too easily forgotten that what God has already done through Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection allows me to receive everything God wants to give me. I don’t need to pray for God to give me forgiveness, healing, and salvation. That’s already been done. 

Jesus doesn’t have to die on the cross every time I sin. I need to receive His forgiveness, healing, and salvation. I need to open up my heart and hands and take the gift. I need to receive, repent, and return.  I need to believe that God’s Word is God’s will for my life. I need to remember there’s never anything wrong or delayed on God’s end; it’s always on my end with the receiving.

What about you – how is your receiving? Maybe, like me, it’s something you need to continue to work on and lean into. There are so many gifts God has prepared for us. We just need to receive them!

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