On my day of healing, as I sat before the Lord with two women guiding me in prayer, we prayed over every area of my life. I looked back to the dark moments when someone had hurt me, and we turned. We transitioned to my parent’s divorce and the rejection I had felt, and we turned again. We moved on to my relationships and painful mistakes and prayed over my divorce and my new marriage. And as I spoke the words, releasing any unspoken anger and jealousy – we turned again.
As the two women prayed over me and watched the Holy Spirit work, tearing down the walls I had spent my whole life building, they said it looked like Jesus, and I were dancing. My heart was overwhelmed by that image. Picturing the God of the universe dancing with me took my breath away, and I fell even more in love with Him than before.Every sin He forgave, every mistake He washed away.
If this is you today, ready to let go of your past and give your life to Jesus – all you have to do is take His hand. He will walk you through the steps, turning and turning until the pain is gone, and all that’s left is forgiveness and love. Amen!

“The Dance” is a painting by Yongsung Kim.

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