Have you ever been tempted to sin? Maybe it was something tiny, and you knew no one would find out. Perhaps it was a little lie, or a little past your curfew or maybe even a little drink. You told yourself that you knew what you were doing, and you had everything under control.I felt this way once. I did the things I desired to do, regardless of the consequences, because I believed the “lie” that it wasn’t a big deal. 

One day I was working at my job and used a pen to write out my list for the day. I looked down at my thumb, and I had a black marking on my skin. I assumed that the pen was leaking, so I reached in and got another pen. This time the ink mark was on two more fingers, so I reached in and got a pencil. Each time I reached in, more and more ink covered my fingers.

I struggled for a few minutes, sitting at my desk trying to determine which pen it was, since every time I grabbed for something different small bits of black ink ended up on my hand. I finally pulled out all of the pens and pencils and noticed ink at the bottom of the holder. One pen had leaked, but now everything that was in the jar had touched the ink and was stained. I had it on my hands, my desk, everywhere.

 I was suddenly reminded that this was like the sin in our lives. When we allow a little in, it starts to spread to other areas, and before we know it, it’s touched everything. Realizing this, I was grateful that Jesus doesn’t throw us away as I did the jar. When we ask for forgiveness, He washes us white as snow, and the stains are gone.

Today, take an inventory of your life and make sure there are no “leaky pens”. If there are, invite Jesus in to wash over you with His forgiveness and give you clean hands and a pure heart.

Deep Roots: A Family Devotional for Growing Together in God

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