Sometimes it’s not the sting of loneliness that we feel but an ache that never leaves. And in our world today, that feeling can be even more tangible with words like social distance, quarantine, and isolation. And that’s on top of what we are already facing as we experience loss, broken relationships, and times of transition when we move someplace new and start over once again.So how do we navigate being alone? We first need to recognize it’s a season and will not last forever. We step out in faith, trusting that God has a plan and purpose for our lives, and that includes the people we are to do life with. But we need to be active participants. That could be joining a church, small group, or volunteer center – reaching out to old friends or meeting new ones. Whatever the path, we need to remember that God is always with us, and we are never alone. He is with us always, even to the very end.

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