So I want us to ask ourselves a question today. What if? Each of us is sitting in a different chair today and will finish that sentence differently.

What if I lose my job?

What if my spouse leaves?

What if I get sick?

What if I never find love?

We could ask many “what-if questions,” but what if we believed God was greater than our circumstances? What if we put God at the center of our marriages? What if we stopped believing the lies from the enemy and believed who God says we are? What if we stopped believing we were broken, unworthy, and unloved? What if we spent more time in God’s Word? What if we believed that God’s Word is God’s Will and that He wants us to have abundant life, healing, peace, joy, and love? What is your “what if” today? How do you need to realign your perspective, away from the circumstances and back to the one who is capable and still on the throne?

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