Has the Lord ever told you it’s time to move on? The Israelites had been at Mount Horeb for about a year when He had told them it was time to leave. The mountain had been a place of preparation, a time of listening, training, and building. Now God was commissioning them to go and put into practice everything they had learned. It was time to possess the land He had promised.
I can only imagine how they must have felt, as I have been there too. They were beginning to become comfortable; they enjoyed their routine and felt safe there, and they would have stayed longer, maybe forever, because it was good enough.
If we don’t keep going, we’ll never receive everything God has for us – our promised land. Trusting in God and the plans He has for us isn’t about picking and choosing. Listening to Him and surrendering our lives means being ready when He says we have stayed long enough.

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