I cannot imagine what the disciples went through when they woke up the next day -the day after the crucifixion. They were hiding in the upper room, afraid, alone, and all their hope was gone. They had heard Jesus say that in a little while, they would see Him no more, that He was going to the Father, but they hadn’t understood. They replayed His final words in their minds but couldn’t believe He was gone. They waited. They struggled. They prayed.
What are you waiting for today? Healing, provision, a breakthrough? Let me assure you that God is working; He is moving; He is making a way. You may feel like you are without hope, hiding your sorrow, and unsure how you’ll go on. But there IS hope! Hold on a little longer. Today we may sit in silence, in the uncomfortable, in the waiting. We remember what yesterday was. Today the heavens and earth are quiet, but we wait for tomorrow when the whole world will sing.

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