I love green, freshly mowed grass. I love the lines in the yard and how everything looks perfect. Back in my old life, I wanted to have the greenest grass in our neighborhood. It was important for people to drive by and think, “Wow, they must have it all together in there.” So I paid a lawn service to come and spray our lawn, fertilize, and maintain. And I would be out there, twice a week sometimes, mowing my incredibly green grass. But at the end of the day it didn’t change anything on the inside of our home. It didn’t change the fact that I struggled with mental illness, my marriage was in trouble, or that I wasn’t happy. It was exhausting keeping up the illusion that everything was perfect.

Do you have something in your life that you’re hiding behind? If so, it’s keeping you from true community with God and with the people around you. Control is an illusion, and when we think we have control over something in our life, it’s a lie from the enemy. I hid behind my neatly manicured lawn, and in the end it didn’t solve my problems or fix my family. In the end all I had was green grass.

Start today, and look deep into your life to see if there is something you’re doing for the sake of appearances. Ask Jesus to change your heart and way of thinking.

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