What does it feel like to walk in this world and be a follower of Jesus Christ? Like walking forward in the middle of a storm. The wind blows, debris comes flying in all directions, and the rain is coming down so fast it’s hard to see. Life is challenging, and living in a broken world is even more complicated. But the battle we face is that the enemy will try and blow us right off the path, and here is where we fail: we’re not holding onto God.
But if you hold onto Him and His Word, if you are firmly anchored to the one who knows you best and loves you the most, you’ll be able to walk ahead, one step at a time, despite the storm. You see, God never promised that the storms wouldn’t come, but He did promise to walk with us. And He’s given us the tools: we need to use them and follow His voice. Today, keep your foundation firmly planted in Him, and don’t let go.

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