I have felt envy in my life. I have walked a road where I peered into the widows of the lives of my friends and family and wanted what they had. I wanted a better job, a bigger home, or a stronger marriage. But the feeling I remember most walking this road was discontentment and anger toward them for having what I did not. Envy not only started to destroy the love, but it clouded my vision, and I began to make unhealthy financial choices.

Can you be content when those around you have more than you do? Can you love them and want what’s best for them, even if that means that you go without? This is a choice we need to make each day. In God’s strength, we can love those who have more than we do. We can love them and be happy for them when they succeed, get new things, and celebrate milestones. Each of us walks our own path, and when we can love without envy, we can truly love with Jesus in our hearts.

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