Kenneth Hagan, one of the Fathers of the Faith, writes this: “Faith is measured by our confession. Our usefulness in the Lord is measured by our confession. Sooner or later, we become what we confess. There is a confession of our hearts and a confession of our lips, and when those two harmonize, we become mighty in prayer life. The reason so many are defeated is that they have a negative confession. They talk of their weaknesses and failures, and invariably, they go down to the level of their confession.”

So the million-dollar question today is, what are we saying out loud? Is it life-giving, life-affirming, and bringing glory to God? Or are we saying out loud and receiving everything the enemy of our souls is trying to do to us – saying, “I am sick, I am depressed, and this is never going to get any better.” Let our confession be of God’s Word, saying out loud His promises, declaring our Faith in who He is, and that His promises are true!

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