If you joined us yesterday for Church online, you know that this is true. But we have all felt brokenness. We’ve been betrayed, lied to, forgotten, passed by, and passed over. But unfortunately, this is what happens living in a broken world with broken people. But when we lift our eyes and look past the brokenness, we can see someone standing in the gap. He came to cancel the plans of the enemy. He came to restore God’s original design. He came to redeem the lost and broken. He came to bridge the gap between God and man. And He did that with a cross. Today, it’s time to let go of whatever we’re still hanging onto from our past. We may never understand other people’s agendas and why we’ve been hurt. We can only forgive, let go, and know God has great plans for us. And that He can redeem all things! ❤️

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