There was a time when I stood before the mirror in the bathroom, with pills in the palm of my hand, and had no hope. I had hoped in myself but failed daily because I could not overcome my mental illness. I had hoped in my husband, but he wasn’t happy and couldn’t lift me from my own sorrow. I had hoped in my children, but as much as they loved me, they couldn’t help me emotionally. I had hoped in the doctors, but all they could do was prescribe the very pills I held in my hand. There was only one person I had not hoped in, and that was Jesus. I had asked Him time and time again to take this from me, but He hadn’t done so yet, and I believed He didn’t care. I believed my illness was too big for God, and the enemy had me exactly where he wanted me – isolated, discouraged, without hope, believing his lies, and wanting to end my life.
What did I do? I finally hoped in the Lord. Whispering Jesus’ name was all I had strength for. But His name was all I needed. I made it through that night and the next, and the next. I believed His Word and that He was bigger than anything I would face here on earth. And where am I today? I am healed! I am a new creation in Jesus Christ! I am free!
Whatever you are going through today, you need to hope in Jesus. Keep His name on your lips. Do not be afraid because He is walking with you. Hold on because the pain ends, and we are victorious!

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