There was a time when I stood before the mirror in the bathroom, with pills in the palm of my hand, and had no hope. I had hoped in myself but failed daily. I had hoped in my husband, but he wasn’t happy and couldn’t lift me from my sorrow. I had hoped in the doctors, but all they could do was prescribe the very pills I held in my hand. There was only one person I had not hoped in, and that was Jesus. I believed He didn’t care. That’s because the enemy had me exactly where he wanted me – isolated, depressed, believing his lies, and wanting to end my life.
What did I do? I finally hoped in the Lord. Whispering Jesus’ name was all I had the strength for. But His name was all I needed. I made it through that night and the next, and the next. Today, I am healed, and I am free!
Whatever you are going through today, all you need is Jesus! Keep His name on your lips and believe! His love changes everything! 

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