Today, I want to look at Matthew 4. When we read these verses about Jesus being tempted in the wilderness, there is so much we can learn about our own battles with the enemy. 
First, we need to recognize that if Jesus was tempted, we will be also. It may not be a face to face encounter like Jesus had, but we are reminded in God’s Word that our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces of evil. So each day we need to put on our armor and fight.
Second, how does Jesus fight back? With God’s Word. “It is Written” was used each time the enemy came at Him, and each time Jesus put him in his place.
Thirdly, Jesus gives us the very words we need to use: “Away from me, satan!” We have the power, in Jesus’ name, to rebuke the enemy and send him running. We just have to be mindful and do it.
Every where you look today, the enemy is reaking havoc and fighting against us. We need to reclaim our authority in Christ and fight back. Use God’s Word as your weapon, put on the full armor of God and fight back! We are already victorious and we know how this story ends!

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