In January 2011, we lost my grandmother to Leukemia. She had battled hard for four years, but on the morning of the 30th was taken up by angels to her heavenly home. She was a fearless prayer warrior and had prayed for each of her four children and her many grandchildren and great-grandchildren while she was here on earth.
On the day of the funeral, I was pulled aside and presented with her Bible because I was the oldest. While I had stayed strong throughout the days leading up to the funeral, I suddenly found myself with tears streaming down my face at the thought of this incredible gift.
She would read this Bible every morning and make small marks with a pen near the verses that had touched her heart. There was a worn mark at the bottom of each page where her thumb would grab the paper.
What a gift, not only the Bible but the memories that were passed with it. Years of praying, reading, clutching His words up until the very end. It was not only a bible but a legacy that I could carry on. I would pray for my family. I would read these words, just like Grandma did.
It didn’t happen right away, but three years later, I was healed from my mental illness. I would go on to read this very Bible, every morning marking the pages in pen. The years my Grandma prayed the countless prayers for me, God answered and continues to one by one. Know this today, God answers prayers, in His timing, and for His Glory. If you’re praying for someone today – never give up.

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