For a long time, I got out of bed every morning to go to work. That was my purpose. And it was important because, at the end of each week, I got a check. And for all my hard work, I rewarded myself. But I was always after the latest thing, keeping up with my friends, spending my paycheck before it even came, and never satisfied with what I had.
It was a vicious cycle. And I bought into every lie from the enemy that this was “life.” I mean, you only get one. You gotta make it count, right? But here’s the thing…this world is not our permanent home. The Bible tells us not to store up treasures here, where moth and rust can destroy, where riches will fade. No, we are to store up our treasures in heaven, for where our treasure is, there our hearts will be also. This life isn’t just about accumulation but salvation. It’s not just about rewards here, but someday in heaven. And the reason I now get out of bed isn’t because of the earthly work, but the heavenly—the balance between living here and knowing where I’m going to end up. My purpose IS my life, created by an amazing Father, and I’m making sure I never forget that again. What about you? Praying that you are on the same path…

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