For many years I wanted God to rescue me, but I wanted it on my terms. I wanted Him to fix my life but keep my way of life intact. I didn’t want to have to give up anything, and I didn’t want Him to make any changes, just make it better.

I didn’t realize, and many of us don’t, that we need to surrender for God to come in and rescue us. We need to be willing to lay down whatever we are hanging onto so we can reach up and grab His hand.

If you have been asking God to rescue you but weren’t sure how to let Him, I’ve created an acronym to help you on your journey.


R = Repent of your sins.

E = Evaluate (What are you holding onto?)

S = Surrender

C = Cultivate an intentional life. (Think of it as a garden. What are you planting, how is your soil, and are there weeds that need to be pulled up?)

U = Understand it’s a journey. (Not a sprint – one day at a time)

E= Enjoy the gifts. God has great plans for you!

Do you want to be rescued today? Then surrender to Jesus. Let Him do a great work in you. Let go of the old and grab onto everything He did for you on the cross.

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