Have you ever read a verse in Psalms and then saw the word “Selah?” Some scholars believe this Hebrew word is a musical notation meaning “to pause.” While it could mean to pause the voices singing or pause the musical instruments, what does it mean to pause or “Selah” in our own lives?    

I get it – life is busy. We keep marching forward, days rolling into each other, and before we know it, it’s another day and another. But with our forward motion and busy schedules, we can forget how important it is to stop the music and the noise of life; we forget to pause. 

And we can do this several times a day: pause to pray, pause to refocus, pause to love, and pause to forgive. Our lives are still qued up to keep going forward, only stayed at that moment. And before we know it, we will be celebrating that pause. We’ll enjoy the quiet time with God, refilling, refueling, constantly returning to the one who gives you the strength to refocus, love, and forgive. 

So today, don’t forget to quiet your heart and mind before the Lord. Selah!

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