So why do you think God wanted the manna in a jar? Could it be that He desired the generations to come to have a reminder of how He had provided for His people in the desert? It would be a great conversation starter, wouldn’t it? “What’s in the jar?”But what about in this day and age? Do we have something we can point people to and say, “This is what God has done?” We have silenced prayer in our classrooms and public institutions and taken the Ten Commandments out of parks, schools, and courthouses. With more and more being stripped away, it is up to us. Maybe start a jar or a prayer journal, a way to record our blessings and answered prayers to pass down to our children. Perhaps it’s telling people your testimony of how God has walked with you in your life. Either way, God is with us day after day, providing for us just like He did for the Israelites. Let us continue to point people to Him for the generations to come.

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