I’ve never followed a star like the wise men, but I’ve prayed to see one, and God answered my prayer. After my 8-hour day of prayer in 2013, I felt different. I felt like I no longer had Bi-Polar Disorder. I was told that I could never go off my medication, and I had heard of plenty of people who had done so and lost their way. So on my way home, I prayed this prayer:

“God, since you are the Creator of the Universe, I need a sign from Heaven that I’m healed. I need to see a shooting star.” And one morning on my way to work, the first day going without my medication after 17 years, after five days of half my pills, I drove down the hill coming into town and looked out into the northern horizon. There, shooting across the sky, was my star, and that was all the confirmation I needed. I had been set free!

If you are needing a miracle today, don’t give up hope. God’s Word is God’s will, and He desires for you to have hope, peace, joy, and healing. All we need to do is believe and receive. Amen!

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