Here is an illuminating illustration by Kenneth Hagin on worry and what it looks like to let it go.
“If I had three dollars in my billfold, and I gave them to you, I wouldn’t have them anymore. Then if someone came along and said, ‘Brother Hagin, I’m a little short on money. Could you loan me a dollar? I’ll pay you back tomorrow,’ I would have to say, ‘My Brother, I would gladly loan you a dollar, but I don’t have a dollar,’ I’d be telling the truth, wouldn’t I? How could I loan a person a dollar if I didn’t have a dollar? Those three dollars I did have existed, all right, but I didn’t have them anymore. I had given them away.”
This is how it works with letting go of our cares, our worries, and our fear. We are giving them over to God. We are not saying that they aren’t real to us. We can look at the world and tangibly see the natural fears we face daily. But when we give them over to God, we make a trade. We give Him our worries, and we take His peace. ♥️

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