It doesn’t take much to walk off the path. We can easily get distracted by something, turn our eyes, and our feet will follow. As easy as it is to change direction; it can sometimes feel overwhelming to return. And it doesn’t always have to be moving toward something bad for us. Sometimes, it can simply be moving away from God. I’ve often set my alarm to get up, read the Bible, and spend time alone with God, only to find that after a couple of days, I start hitting the snooze button, telling myself I’ll do it tomorrow. But tomorrow turns into next week, which turns into next month, and I give up on getting up early, justifying that it’s because life is busy and I need my rest. I feel the guilt seeping in, and I pull away from God, building a wall to hide my shame. The enemy loves that wall. He loves when we start to believe that God loves us only when we read His Word and spend time alone with Him. That’s not the truth. God loves us whether we spend time with Him or not, but He always wants us to. He wants to meet with you during the day or night. He wants you to read His Word because that is where we learn how to walk closer to Him. We must never stop trying, even when we get distracted or step off the path. Don’t believe the lies that it’s too late. It’s never too late to return.

“Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord.” Lamentations 3:40

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