Have you ever been tempted? Whatever the temptation, it’s never easy, but what if God is revealing to you it’s time to move on from a season or situation, and you’re tempted to stay? Staying could mean accepting that things will remain the same, no matter how unhealthy they are. Staying could mean you’re willing to keep enduring whatever pain you’re experiencing. Staying sometimes seems easier than the unknown. In Matthew 5:1-11, we read that Jesus Himself was tempted by the devil when He was in the wilderness. Three times the devil tempted Jesus, enticing Him to “stay” and not move forward into everything God had planned for Him, and three times Jesus answered, “It is written.” He used God’s Word to defeat the devil, and He left the desert – starting His earthly ministry that led to the cross. What is God revealing to you today? Is it time to move on from the desert and into everything He has planned for you? If you’re struggling and tempted to stay, look to the One who knows – Jesus. He will walk with us every step of the way, out into freedom and into the perfect plan He has for our lives. He will give us the strength and prepare the way!

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