Do you have rooms in your heart that look like this: Boxes everywhere, filled with debris and inches of dust? Do you say each day, “You can’t go in there, Lord. It’s too messy. I need to straighten some things up before I let you in there. Just stay in this room where it’s clean”. This mindset only stops us from fully receiving everything God has for us. This kind of mindset enables us to stay trapped in chains and live as enslaved people. And even though we think we can keep things from God, we can’t. He knows everything! He knows what’s behind every door in our hearts and longs for us to share it with Him.

Today, I encourage you to open wide the doors and allow the Lord to shine His light into the dark areas, especially the messy rooms. It’s time to clean up the boxes and sweep out the debris and dust. Let His love wash over you and make you brand new. It’s time to give God full access to your heart!

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