The first step is probably the hardest. Into the unknown, hands forward, feeling as you go, you take a step. You’re not sure how it’s going to feel or where the path will take you, but you’ve begun. On March 22, 2013, I took my first step. I walked into a house for an eight-hour day of prayer and healing, looking like I was traveling for a yearlong trip—and walked out carrying just my purse. The baggage I laid down that day was accumulated over a lifetime of hurts and lies. I had tried before to lay it down, only to pick it back up again and switch arms to carry the load differently this time. But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t do it on my own. And neither can you. I needed Jesus to look deep into every pain, hurt, sin, and dark corner where I had hidden the lies I believed about myself and expose them to His light. When He was done, and I had seen the truth about the life I was living and the lies I was believing, He washed me clean, and the floodwaters of love, forgiveness, and His truth came rushing in.
It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with—mental illness, drugs, alcohol, pornography, eating disorder—you’re medicating the symptom of a deeper issue, a more profound pain. Take the first step forward and kneel. Cry out to the Creator of the universe and ask Him to show you the truth in your own life, to heal you and wash you clean.

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